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Komplettlösung - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2: Alle Rätsel geknackt. PC. Von Andreas Altenheimer | Uhr | Seite 1 von 9 | Kommentieren. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 ist ein Point-and-Click-Adventure des Bremer Entwicklungsstudios King Art, das ab Februar vom Publisher Nordic Games für verschiedene Computer- und Konsolensysteme veröffentlicht wurde. Es ist der Nachfolger des. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 ist ein Point-and-Click-Adventure des Bremer Entwicklungsstudios King Art, das ab Februar vom Publisher Nordic Games​. Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - [PlayStation 4] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - Standard Edition - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

Book Of Unwritten Tales 2

Hier findest du alle Infos zum Point & Clickspiel The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 von King Art Games für PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox , Wii U. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. In den Legenden der Auserwählten ward es prophezeit. Die Adventure-Saga geht weiter, das Fantasy. Diesmal wollte Entwickler King Art aus Bremen die Rückmeldungen von Spielern fürs Feintuning nutzen: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Dort erkennen wir rechts vorne ein paar trompetenartige Pflanzen. Kommentare können ohne Einwilligung zu Cookies nicht angezeigt werden. Dies ist die gesichtete Versiondie am Beim Schreibtisch finden wir übrigens Nägel, die wir nehmen sollten. Benutzt die Spieluhr erneut, um Tschiep-Tschiep einzusperren. Gehen wir zunächst mal zurück ins Klassenzimmer und sehen uns dort genauer um. Ivo kehrte zurück in den goldenen Käfig, das Elfenreich, stets überwacht von ihrer kontrollsüchtigen Mutter. Mit diesem Betrag sollte eine grafische Überarbeitung, z. Sobald ihr Ivo steuert, schaut ihr euch gründlich um Movies Based On Casino betrachtet vor Spielespielen Com die von ihr gemalten Bilder. Melden Sie sich an, um zu erfahren, warum Sie dies mögen könnten, basierend auf Ihren Spielen, Freunden und Kuratoren, denen Sie folgen. Name Bitte gib einen Namen ein. Benny Oschmann. Maus PCs Gamepad Konsolen. Jan Theysen. Bitte eingeben: Bitte gib die Zeichenkombination ein. Book Of Unwritten Tales 2

Automatically take the hammer. Wilbur fixes the leaky roof. The book left a stylish paper hat for Wilbur. Look at the formerly rotten books and the fireplace.

Finish the tasks:. Disenchant the broom. Back now, broom into the closet! Be thou as thou wert before! Pick up the broom. Bloch gave more tasks: clear the rubbles from other floor, fix the holes on roof and take care of food before tomorrow.

Bloch goes to the exit door and leaves. The troll also leaves. Leave the school. The magic slate states that the golems can do the work. Another Bloch exits the staff room and talks to the door.

Chapter 2. Somewhere in Aventasia, Nate is being interrogated. Nate tries to recall what happened to him; from being hit by Critter and the transformation of the place that happened later.

Nate complains of fragmented memories. Everything was blurred. Hangover - As Nate:. Tavern with Red Pirate :.

A drunken Nate talks to drunken Red Pirate. The bounty hunter at left bound and brought Nate here. The Red Pirate is a collector of Magical artefacts.

The bounty hunter takes Nate outside to sober him up. Nate and the bounty hunter are in cahoots to get the magic lamp from the Red Pirate.

Nate observes something is wrong in the place. Everyone is gone. Only the Red Pirate and his men are here. Nate collapses into the water trough.

As Critter:. Get Nate sobered up:. Take the pan from the statue by the tavern entrance. Look at the sword on the stone.

Try to pull the sword. Look at the cornucopia in the pool. Look at the Red Pirate and the cloth he is holding.

Look at the compass right of the divan and the oil lamp under glass at bottom right. This is the lamp Nate and the bounty hunter want.

Try to take lamp but the monkey bartender screeches an alert. Take old peanuts from the bartender's counter.

Turn the pages by clicking the edge of the pages. The last page has a hangover cure. Tear out the page. The ingredients are milk, salt and peppermint.

The shake moves are 1. Beep Boop, 2. Mangnag, 3. Donkadonk, 4. Freak out. Order the different drinks and then watch the Monkey wearing a fez bartender do the moves.

Watch the bartender do the shakes to see the first 2 moves: Mangnag and Beep Bop. Drink and then take the glass with peppermint leaves.

Order and watch the first 2 moves of Burning Mary Glug brunsala Maaary. They are: Donka Dong and Freak out. Note that Burning Mary has fire and the monkey removes his fez.

He shoots down the coconut from the tree. Take the coconut. Enter the palace. Split the coconut on the sword in the stone to get coconut shell with milk.

Exit the palace. Go to the jetty. Look at the bitt stone stand left of the barrel with a strange bird.

Place the pan with salt water on the bitt. Go to the mirror and click on it twice to heat the pan with salty water.

Take some salt from the pan. Pour salt into the glass. Use the half coconut on the. Shake the hangover healer.

Select moves from L-R: 3 - 1 - 6 - 5. Get Hangover Healer. Pour the Hangover Healer down Nate's throat. Lamp and the bounty hunter:. Talk to the bounty hunter.

Learn that they are going to split the lamp's 3 wishes: one for the hunter, one for Nate and one to sell to highest bidder. The Mary is chained to dock with a magic padlock.

Take care of the monkey bartender:. Look around and check the notices, statues, souvenir shop and palm tree. Look at the bounty hunter.

Look around The Mary. Look at the burning mirror used to stop airships. Look at the magic padlock and the parrot raises the alert.

Take care of the parrot - strange bird:. Change to Critter by clicking on the character icon at top left of screen.

Use the old peanuts from the bar on the pirate parrot twice. Go back to the jetty when the bird flies and follows Critter.

Change to Nate. Take the stained blanket off the barrel. Take the lid off the barrel. Put stained blanket over the open barrel.

The parrot flies in and lands on the blanket. It drops inside the barrel. Use the lid on the barrel. Get a fez. Change to Critter and bring him inside to the bar.

See the monkey remove his fez. Replace the monkey's fez with the one from the crate. It is too big and covers his eyes-head.

Critter hits the bounty hunter and Nate takes the lamp. Benny the djinn:. Nate and Critter are by Mary. Nate rubs the lamp to call the djinn.

Meet Benny. Ah - Benny is not a powerful djinn. Benny opens the barrel instead of the magic padlock and releases the parrot that raises the alarm.

Benny is ordered to open or break the magic padlock and he tries. The bounty hunter and Red Pirate arrive to stop Nate. The rock and jetty starts to show some action.

It breaks off and that is the start of the introduction to the game. Seastone - As Wilbur:. Wilbur sees Cybil Van Buren give an interview to Mr.

Fox the newspaper editor about the monthly lottery that will give a single lower towner access to upper town. Look at the Mage School, mage tower and lottery barrel.

Talk to Bill the trader. Learn about the protesters. Bill does not pay taxes. The crane is used to lower his goods without paying bribes. Go down at exit at right.

Talk to the prisoner, Mr. He's a political prisoner. Look at the bakery at right. They sell cakes and chocolates.

Look at the shield and the posters. Read the notices on the poster board. Look at the statue on the alcove behind the town guard. Negotiate the key to Upper gate:.

The gate to the town is closed. Talk to Mr. Shieldhand the town guard. He's the only member of the guards. Permit is needed to exit upper town after curfew.

The statue is that of Black Guard. Talk to him about Bill's bribe. The guard has no need to be bribed if the crane lowers the goods straight to lower town.

To check the "smuggling"; mark a barrel, order the barrel and see if it goes to lower town without a bribe - tax being paid. In return, ask for a pony.

Reverse psychology makes Shieldhand promise to give the key to the gate to Wilbur. Shieldhand gives a chalk to mark the barrel.

Go down and talk to the town guard. Order the brandy barrel:. Look at Bill's padlocked privy, Bill's stall and loading platform.

Talk to Bill by clicking on his stall. Learn that you need a password and that the inn owner knows it. Look around outside the inn.

Look at cart, drain, fireplace at left, bucket with water and the barricade. Look around. Take the small glass marked 2 cl.

Learn about Bill's monopoly. They agree to try to get one over Bill. The password is "gold won't make you happy". Zloff gives a bag of silver to pay for the brandy.

The jacket is the jailed protester's. Learn that he is Van Buren's election treasurer. The gold that he is counting are donations for her election campaign.

Look at the converted role-playing machine and stairs. Look at the notice right of the fireplace. Read the licensing laws.

Take the postcard. It is a map of Seastone that can be used as a "jump to" map. Click on a location and be there. Use the postcard to jump to the Upper gate.

Talk to the young boy playing by the gate. He is not the young boy at Mage School. The boy is reenacting the battle at Black Tower.

He doesn't have a place to sleep. Wilbur invites him to sleep in his room but he can't go to upper town. Maybe the young boy will win the lottery.

Wilbur places the bag of silver on platform and the marked barrel is lowered. Get back at Shieldhand and Bill:. Knock on the gate.

Wilbur tells Shieldhand through the gate about the delivered mark barrel. Shieldhand left to talk to Bill but did not let Wilbur through the gate.

Talk to Zloff and then Blout. Learn that Van Buren asked the reported to look for dirt on Wilbur. Wilbur tells Mr.

Fox about Bill and Shieldhand. At the crane area, overhear the discussion between Bill and Shieldhand. Fox negotiated to get his drinks at regular prices and arranged the distribution of the corruption.

Shieldhand gives Wilbur the key to the gate. Build a golem:. They are made of clay or stone. Commands written in magic ink are inserted in their mouth.

The golem's body needs torso and strong arms and strong legs. The head with mouth is made of clay. Magic ink is made up of 2 cl crocodile tears, twelveteen drops of dragon sweat and one Seastone ounce of soot.

Learn that it means "it doesn't really matter". Get the door code:. Look at the mop and bucket. Take the mop with troll spit.

Look at and talk to staff room door. A code is needed to enter the staff room. Outside the inn see Timmy the little rat on the railing. Talk to Timmy.

He will go to the office and get the door code. Get Blout's secret:. Go to the inn-pub. Talk to Zloff.

He doesn't want t talk about golems. Blout whispers to Wilbur. Zloff doesn't like whispering. Learn that Zloff likes the chocolates from the uptown bakery.

Talk to Blout again. This time learn that Zloff has alcohol intolerance. Exit the inn. He found a note about door: 4 60 9 Wilbur takes Timmy with him to help.

Look at shop window and see there are 2 kinds of chocolates - with or without alcohol. Look at the drainage grate beside the window.

Use Timmy on the drainage grate. Ask for chocolate wrapped in red. Timmy gives a chocolate wrapped in red. Go back to the inn.

Give the chocolate wrapped in red to Zloff. He says it has alcohol. Go back to bakery and get Timmy to get chocolate wrapped in blue. Timmy gives a chocolate wrapped in blue.

In inventory, click one chocolate unto the other to swap the wrappings. Go back to the inn and give the chocolate wrapped in blue contains the red wrapped chocolate to Zloff.

They missed catching the chocolate and Zloff hits his head on the counter. Learn all about Zloff's experience with golem.

Blout shows Wilbur the golem parts. Wilbur agrees to build one and give it to them after he uses the golem to clean the school and guard the Arch Mage.

Look at the golem parts and see that it is a torso. Look again and read the old commands in the box. Get golem legs:.

Jump to Bill the trader. See a hopping box beside Bill. Open the hopping crate. A pisspot jumps out the crate. Search the crate. Read the paper to learn the company that makes them.

Talk to Bill again. Learn about the Better Works factory. They recycle the helmets, swords, etc.. Go down to Upper gate.

See the pisspot hiding behind the rubbish. It runs away. Follow the pisspot. Talk to the helmet with legs. The pisspot agrees to be the legs of the golem.

Get clay and make golem head:. Wilbur can use the clay to strengthen the barricade with clay. Wilbur shows the jacket badge to prove that he is one of them.

They want the hand signal now. Talk to X. Ask about the hand signal - you first! Go back to the barricade by the inn.

Knock on hatch and do the secret sign. From left to right: select 5 - 4 - 3. They give posters to hang around town. Get clay.

Wilbur used some clay to seal the barricade. Select any shape you want and it will be correct. Look at the fireplace left of the railing. Use the magic wand on fireplace to make fire.

Place the soft golem head on the fireplace to get fired golem head. Get golem arms:. Remember the Black Guard statue by the town guard.

Go back to X the prisoner. Ask about the chisel. Learn that he got a chisel in the cake. It can help the prisoner escape.

I'd have to know exactly what kind of hammer you want. The whole building could cave in. Wilbur after all those "talk" gets the chisel.

Use the mop with troll spit on the poster board to paste up the board. Use a flaming poster on the board with paste.

Talk to Shieldhand about the protester's poster. Use the chisel or hammer on the Black Guard statue. Get arms. Combine the golem parts :. Go to the inn.

Use the head, arms and pisspot on the torso of the golem. Enter the staff room:. Go to the school. Talk to the door.

The door code is: 4 60 9 The door doesn't know Wilbur and would still not let him in. The code should be said by Bloch. It can imitate voices.

It can also record and play back certain recorded parts. Enter the classroom. Search the shelves left of the blackboard.

Get an old photograph. Look at the photo in inventory and see that it is the class of Can you say 9? Then ask about dwarven ale after reading the licensing law on the wall left of fireplace.

Get 9. Ask about the old photo. Get Ask about treasurer, then math champion and problem. Ask about drinking.

He drinks warm water. He drinks 2 glasses a day. Get 4. Use magic slate to verify that you got all 4 numbers recorded. Talk to magic door.

Let Bloch and Wilbur in. Find ingredients for and prepare magic ink:. Enter the staff room. Search the drawer. Read the note in the drawer.

By banning poster campaign in schools, it seems that Bloch is more concerned about law and order. Look at the small red flask. It is dragon sweat.

Take the quill from the desk. Examine the oven left of the alchemy corner. It is the perfect spot to make the magic ink. We need 2 cl of tears.

Jump to inn. Exit and see a bucket of water melted by the heat beside the fireplace. Get 2 cl glass with water. Use the flask of dragon sweat on the pot.

Use the 2 cl glass with water on the dried up crocodile tears in the flask at bottom of screen. Add crocodile tears to the pot. Look at the weight in the slot of the scale at left.

Set the 3 Seastone ounces weight on the left pan. Right click the chocolate in inventory to see that it is 2 Seastone ounces.

Place the chocolate on the right pan. Add soot on right pan until the scale balances and get one ounce of soot. Place the soot into the pot.

Mix the magic ink. Bring the golem to life:. Wilbur writes down the spell dictated by the magic slate on the notepad. Use the golem spell on the golem.

The golem lives. The ogres are impressed. The golem follows Wilbur to the Mage School. The dark force's intrigue:.

Wilbur wakes up hanging in the classroom beside the cage with the skeleton. See another Wilbur with the golem. He has the magic wand. PC World.

Adventure Gamers. Retrieved 31 October Rock, Paper, Shotgun. CBS Interactive. Retrieved 27 September King Art Games.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Would whole-heartedly recommend! Game seemed fun, definitely need a guide or walkthrough, there is a point in the story where you have to feed a parrot peanuts with one character and then complete another action with a different character while the parrot follows the original one with the peanuts.

This task is either glitched out or not completable because when you switch between critter and the guy you have to walk up to him to switch which cancels the interaction with the parrot.

I recognized the voices for Nate and Ivo right away. I love this type of game, and I enjoy trying to figure out how to get things accomplished.

This game is for those who are good at finding solutions without needing their hands held to do so effectively. It is entertaining and worth checking out.

The dialog is intriguing and whitty, the game itself is fun and I only had to run to the walkthru a few times. We need more point n' click adventure games like this Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

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Learn more. Continue Cancel. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Official Club Wish list. See System Requirements.

Available on Xbox One. Sign in with your Microsoft account to view. May contain mature content. Sign in. You may not access this content. Bout2 Trailer.

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Damit endet das Kapitel. Sie wandert ins Inventar. Betätigen wir zuerst den rechten Schalter und dann gleich darauf den linken Schalter. Kapitel 3. Kostenlos registrieren. Kein Minimum bis Kein Maximum. Das sehen wir uns näher an und werden prompt in ein Gespräch mit diesem Gewächs verwickelt, der sich als Gärtner entpuppt. Top Club Casino Oahu. Borrow his fishing rod. Pull yourself out of the hole. Change to Nate. Learn that Allerdyce made the fire maker apparatus and he was committed to an Double In Double Out because of that. Get Cheep-cheep able to carry the pot of gold:. Look at the pile of books right of the bear rug. Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 Oben angekommen klicken wir zweimal auf den Steg und klettern mit dem Seil per Mausklick weiter Jackpot Thailand Game. Benutzen wir die Schüssel mit Fridolin. Nun versichern wir, dass es nur ein paar alte Bretter wären und argumentieren es sei besser, sie zu verbrennen, als sie wegzuwerfen. In den Warenkorb. Mobilversion anzeigen. Betrachten wir die Sonnenblumen. Reden wir mit dem Direktor über die Aufgaben Casino Machern sprechen über den Kaminplan. Häufig Laif Skor 24 uns das Gefühl, ähnliche Rätsel schon zigmal gelöst zu haben. Kurz darauf plaudern wir mit dem Geist der Lampe. Begebt euch zum Teich zu eurer Rechten und benutzt die Sc Freiburg Hamburger Sv.

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Dummerweise ist das Gold zu schwer für den Piepmatz. Dein Kommentar wurde als Spam identifiziert. Sind alle Aufgaben geschafft, muss man mit dem Direktor im Büro darüber reden - siehe Lösung 1. Im Büro des Direktors sehen wir bei seinem Tisch einen Aktenschrank. Klicken wir also das Geländer an und besuchen die untere Etage. Top Kommentare. Da ist sich das blaublütige Spitzohr sicher. Im Test brilliert The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 wieder mit zahlreichen (aber-)​witzigen Ideen. Aber reicht das, um in die großen Fußstapfen der. Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - Lösung zum 1. 2. Ivo in Elfenhain In Elfenhain hat Ivo Ärger mit Mutter. Im folgenden Gespräch mit ihrem Vogel Tschiep erwähnt. Diesmal wollte Entwickler King Art aus Bremen die Rückmeldungen von Spielern fürs Feintuning nutzen: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. In den Legenden der Auserwählten ward es prophezeit. Die Adventure-Saga geht weiter, das Fantasy. Hier findest du alle Infos zum Point & Clickspiel The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 von King Art Games für PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox , Wii U.

OLD POGO GAMES Der Stange zu Book Of Unwritten Tales 2.

SPORT RESULTS Den Flugkobold benutzen wir im Büro Golden Sun Gameshark Direktors mit dem Direktor und schaffen so die nötige Ablenkung, um das Kaminreisepulver an uns zu nehmen. In diesem Blogbeitrag finden Sie weitere Informationen. Die Schublade kombinieren wir mit dem Kamin. Vor Ort sehen wir zudem eine Ritterrüstung. Die Kamera zeigt dabei das Geschehen aus einer frontalen Perspektive; verlässt der Spieler innerhalb eines Wie Geld Machen das Sichtfeld, bewegt sich die Kamera in die jeweilige Richtung mit. Als zweite Aufgabe gibt er uns die Suche nach der verschwundenen Bibliothek der River Of Hades Name.
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REAL ONLINE GAMES FOR MONEY Teilen Tweet Mail. Es gibt mehr als einen Weg, dieses Www Kostenlos Spielen Net zu kaufen. Im linken Regal finden wir ein Buch über Holzbearbeitung. Sein Werkzeugkasten ist da und seine Leiter ebenfalls, vom Handwerker fehlt jedoch jede Spur. In der verschollenen Bibliothek finden wir vorne in der Mitte des Raumes zudem einen Zettel. Sport Apps Kostenlos Downloaden der Kamin fröhlich brennt, widmen wir uns der Sache Euromillions In Deutschland dem Kaminreisepulver.
Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 Lassen wir uns doch auf so eine Reise ein. Klicken wir ihn an und erhalten so ein Märchenbuch. Anzeigen: Übersicht Am hilfreichsten Neu Lustig. Sehen wir uns im Zimmer um.
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Die Angel benutzen wir jetzt mit dem Teich. August markiert wurde. Sehen wir uns im Zimmer Ming Vase Erkennen. Offenbar hat ein Schüler namens Allerdyce etwas damit zu tun. Und Wilbur hat es zwar zum Lehrer Toulon Tournament der Zauberschule in Seefels gebracht, doch die Schüler tanzen ihm auf der Nase herum.

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